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Trading Law: Dietary Supplements Regulatory Compliance


NSF's expert consultancy service supports manufacturers and importers to ensure dietary supplements exported to EU countries are fully compliant with all EU and National Regulations.

The NSFRegulatory Compliance Service is founded upon an expert understanding of the regulatory framework and an in depth knowledge of dietary supplements and the Regulations applicable to them throughout all EU Member States.

The service is operated by Industry leaders with decades of experience of the potential issues with exporting Dietary Supplements into the EU.

These experts include ex Trading Standards Officers and other Trading Standards Professionals with manufacturing experience of the Dietary Supplement Industry.

The service includes all stages of Regulatory Compliance from generating pack copy to checking artworks and dealing with Enforcement Challenges.

The service also includes translation or regulatory compliance checking within all 27 EU Member States.

Benefits of NSF’s Regulatory Compliance Service

- The knowledge of dealing with experts in the Dietary Supplement industry
- Reliable and efficient service which can be tailor made to clients requirements
- Fast and Cost Effective service
- Translation service available

- Ex enforcement professionals to help deal with any enforcement challenges
- Ensures legal compliance to prevent costly enforcement challenges, re-prints or product being stopped at Port Health.




Dietary Supplements regulatory compliance

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