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Certification and Assurance: ISO 22000

Certification for the food industry.

The ISO 22000 standard enables food companies to have their HACCP and food safety management systems certified to an internationally recognised standard.

The standard is based on the principles of HAACP as the means of ensuring that both general food safety programmes (pre-requisites) and the specific critical controls are identified, implemented effectively and periodically reviewed. The standard uses many of the principles of ISO 9000:2000 to support the food safety management system and to encourage continuous improvement.

ISO 22000 can be used throughout the food chain from the farm to the processor, food distributor and finally the retailer or caterer and may even be appropriate for some food service businesses e.g. cleaning contractors.

Assessment activity is based on a 3 year certification cycle, with the initial, usually 2 stage, assessment in year 1, followed typically by annual surveillance assessments in the subsequent 2 years.

The standard is likely to appeal to professional food businesses looking for internationally recognised endorsement of their food safety systems to provide a market advantage.



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