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Certification and Assurance: Compost PAS 100 and the Compost Quality Protocol

NSF certifies the production of compost to PAS 100 and/or CQP. PAS 100 is now the recognised standard within the UK composting industry for the production of compost. The quality protocol sets out criteria for the production of quality compost from source-segregated biodegradable waste (biowaste) and is applicable in both England and Wales.  Pas 100 and the CQP give the customer an assurance of quality and traceability via an independent assessment during the production cycle of the compost.
NSF Certification is working towards UKAS accreditation for this scheme.

Useful Links:

REAL's Certification Scheme for quality composts:www.qualitycompost.org.uk

-Formally The Compost Association (TCA)

Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP): www.wrap.org.uk

Environment Agency (EA): www.environment-agency.gov.uk

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