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Certification and Assurance: Assured Land Based Contractors Scheme (NAAC)

The National Association of Agricultural Contractors has developed an assurance scheme for UK contractors. Based on a modular system, contractors will have to meet the requirements of a generic module assessing the needs of a professional business (e.g. insurance, health and safety etc) and also a sector specific module. These are at present the Verified Seed scheme for Mobile seed processing and the Mobile Feed Mixing and Processing scheme. These modules focus on relevant issues such as quality control and hazard analysis; Machine maintenance and calibration and are aimed at achieving greater traceability on-farm for both Feed and seed.

A new module, The Agricultural Waste Collection Scheme, was launched in January 2009 and ensures that waste collected by an ‘Assured’ contractor is done so safely and professionally. The standard promotes a fully traceable route between the waste producer, the waste collection contractor and the next point of the collection chain. Also, as part of the standard, waste collection contractors are required to recycle at least 70% of all waste collected.

The scheme provides an independently audited system which is effective in meeting industry requirements, whilst allowing contractors to continue to provide a safe, cost effective service to farmers.

Additional modules covering other contracting activities are planned for the future.

NSF Certification will be seeking UKAS accreditation for this scheme which is open to both NAAC members and non members. In addition the Association will provide contractors with the appropriate support and advice including a very comprehensive guide to the records required.

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