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Audit and Inspection: NSF Due Diligence Standard

NSF Due Diligence Standard

With UK government’s (DEFRA) support for the growing use of regional and speciality product suppliers, a need has been identified for a credible alternative to BRC style certification. This will allow customer organisations to monitor the safety and legality of products produced by smaller, local manufacturers.

The NSF Due Diligence Audit Standard has been developed to provide a practically orientated audit of small and medium size manufacturers. The Standard covers all aspects of the manufacturing operation and challenges at an operational level plus the ability of a manufacturer to meet the requirements for the consistent production of safe and legally compliant food, rather than the focus of BRC assessments upon overall quality management systems.

Audits are conducted by our in–house team of trained and highly qualified auditors. They are equipped with first hand practical experience of the sector being evaluated and are able to provide an objective and independent evaluation of the operation.

The Core Standard can also be augmented to focus on the specific expectations for product safety within a particular product sector or sub-sector, (for example: fresh produce, raw meat, retail catering, butchery, dairy, wine production, and wholesale & distribution). It can also incorporate the evaluation of compliance with client–specific technical policies.

The Due Diligence Standard provides the following benefits:

  • Verification of the ability of a manufacturer to produce safe and legal products
  • A practical evaluation consistent with Due Diligence requirements for manufacturers and their customers
  • A platform from which a regional supplier can develop towards meeting the requirements of the BRC Global Food Standard

The Standard may also be utilised by customers and manufacturers as a means of outsourcing second party audit activities such as retailer audits against specific technical policies, retailer approval audits of bespoke own label suppliers, and manufacturers audits of ingredient suppliers.

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